Logo development

One of the key stages in creating a corporate identity for a company is a logo.

In the modern world, companies and enterprises are divided into those who take their logo very seriously and those who believe that the logo is not important.

But what about it really? In fact, a logo can both help and hurt your business. A simple example: children recognize McDonalds not because they can read its name, but because they perfectly remember and know this logo.

What about adults? Same. The most important thing in a logo is memorability and ease of perception. Therefore, when deciding to create a corporate logo for your company and enterprise, we recommend that you take this issue with the utmost seriousness. Your logo is the face of your company.

Case «Трейдагрохимцентр»

TradeAgroChem Center approached us with an order to create a corporate logo, which must be placed both online and offline on branded souvenirs and advertising products.

It is important to note that the new logo was not developed from scratch, but based on the previous one. The main wish of the client company: to preserve the old idea of ​​the logo as much as possible, since many clients are already accustomed to it, and it is quite recognizable among the target audience.

We hear the client’s wishes and fulfill them with pleasure.

For a visual demonstration of our work, we attach a detailed photo, which shows the stages of changing the logo and several of the options that were presented to the customer for approval.

Old logo

Unloaded logo

At first glance, it was clear that the logo was overloaded with details and colors that have no meaning, for example, a hand.

Moved the location of the company name

We thought it was not a good idea to use a font inside the symbol, since this type of logo (emblem) is inconvenient to use, especially when printing on small-sized products (branded advertising products) and mobile devices. In addition, the 17-character name is already difficult to read, and if you take into account its deformation, it makes the task even more difficult.

New color scheme

One of the customer’s wishes was to add 2 colors to the logo: pink and green. We played around with the color options and gave the customer the best, in our opinion, shades for approval.


The logo layout was approved on first view.

А у вас есть логотип ВАШЕЙ компании?

Мы готовы разработать фирменный стиль компании и вот как у нас проходит данный процесс:


1. Как мы высылаем логотипы на утверждение?

Дизайнеры TheDC.Studio отдают на утверждение 2 (два) варианта логотипа на темном и белом фоне, а также в градации черного. При этом у заказчика есть возможность заказать дополнительно третий вариант логотипа бесплатно, если после оценки двух первых он посчитал их не подходящими.

Do you have a logo for YOUR company?

We are ready to develop a corporate identity for the company and this is how this process goes with us:

1. How do we send logos for approval?

Designers of TheDC.Studio submit for approval 2 (two) versions of the logo on a dark and white background, as well as in a shade of black. At the same time, the customer has the opportunity to order an additional third version of the logo for free if, after evaluating the first two, he considered them not suitable.

2. How long does it take to develop a logo? & nbsp;

Average term of logo development – from 7 days.

The timing of the assignment depends on various factors: the time to find the most suitable design solution, the selection of colors in accordance with the style and field of employment of the company, the provision of initial information from the customer, etc.

Sometimes the first version of the logo hits the target, and sometimes the customer wants to see not three versions, but at once 10. Such solutions, of course, differ in execution time and noticeably differ in price. & nbsp; & nbsp;

3. Logo book and further use of the logo by the customer

When developing a logo, we try to take into account all the subtleties of use and give the customer a ready-made logo in vector format.

As a rule, the use of a logo is not a one-time task, and in order to make working with a logo as simple and easy as possible, we offer our clients the development of a Logobook (rules for operating a logo), where the rules for using a corporate logo are clearly spelled out. & nbsp; This will help avoid such nuances as: distortion of size, color, font, applying a logo on plain surfaces, etc. .. & nbsp;


Perhaps you need to update it or create a new one?


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